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Living and Learning Communities

Living and Learning Communities provide cohorts of students with opportunities to investigate areas of interest, either based on their major or an interdisciplinary topic, through guided courses and co-curricular activities. Living and Learning Communities develop knowledgeable, responsible, engaged citizens in a culture of inquiry within a learner-centered university. While assisting students with their transition to academic life, they offer a small college feel and a sense of place on a large campus; they promote meaningful and sustained interactions with faculty, staff and student leaders; and they provide an effective structure for curricular coherence, deeper learning, student success, persistence, and engagement. More than 40 percent of the incoming class participates in a learning community, as well as hundreds of students beyond the first year.

A special sustainable Living and Learning Community at UConn’s Spring Valley Farm allows students to share their interest in the environment, while growing organic produce that they sell at local farmers’ markets and to Dining Services. An extension of UConn’s EcoHouse Living and Learning Community, the farm lets students “walk the walk” in regards to sustainable living.