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A top flagship university provides access to a rich campus experience and offers lifelong learning opportunities to traditional and nontraditional students alike. It is a center of excellence for graduate and professional education, research, and scholarship—creating knowledge and innovation that fundamentally improves learning and the way people live. An internationally renowned university excels in the arts and sciences, dynamically enhancing the way our graduates understand and experience their world. Finally, a top public state university serves its citizens in a multiplicity of useful ways.

To achieve the ambitious goals outlined in this academic vision, we will develop and implement benchmarks to measure our performance against peer and aspirant universities. Collectively, a committee of faculty and administrators will work with the Office of the Provost and the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness to refine and establish the appropriate metrics and benchmarks.

This academic vision does not include every activity that will take place at UConn over the next decade—opting instead for a more focused and manageable list of initiatives. As already noted, the initiatives and facilitating actions represent some of the many important activities in individual Colleges and Schools to which we are already committed. However, the initiatives noted in our plan should and will play a major role in moving the University toward its vision of joining the ranks of the greatest public research universities in the world.