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Investing in Our Own Future

Over the next decade, we must continue to provide an environment that attracts highly creative and accomplished faculty. We will foster a welcoming, enriching setting in which our faculty, staff, and students showcase their scholarly and creative works. We will continue to invest our efforts to establish a more inclusive campus community through recruitment and retention of a more diverse faculty and student body.

To succeed in the bold plan outlined in this academic vision, we must secure additional private resources to support our initiatives and continue to link our research, teaching, and engagement to our development goals. One of our highest priorities must be additional graduate fellowships to attract and retain top-notch students. With this support over the next decade, UConn will create and sustain the changes critical to extend and strengthen our past and future paths to excellence. We recognize that our institution must continue to evolve to inspire the creative leaders of tomorrow, and to foster new discoveries that will enhance and change our world. This academic vision outlines new ways to excel in important central missions and highlights our plan for achieving even greater levels of excellence.