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Core Values

In the spirit of our heritage as a land and sea grant institution, we remain committed to understanding and solving the most significant societal problems. With six campuses and several professional schools across the state, we approach our mission with a commitment to excellence, ethical action, and inclusiveness for which the four interdependent core values define our mission:


The University of Connecticut is dedicated to discovery and communication of breakthrough and foundational ideas; to translation and collaboration across disciplines and communities; and to positive transformation through research, scholarship, and creative works.


UConn’s students will become well-educated leaders and global citizens who excel in addressing the challenges of the 21st century; in them, we will cultivate critical thinking, creativity, and joy in lifelong learning. We will serve the state, the nation, and the world through our research, teaching, and outreach.

Global Engagement

Through outreach, research, and partnerships, we promote sustainable development and a happy, healthy, and inclusive society. This engagement is local and global, based on intercultural understanding and recognition of the transnational nature of the challenges and opportunities we face.


In our culturally and intellectually diverse community, we appreciate differences in one another as well as similarities, and aspire to be an increasingly inclusive educational institution that attracts, retains, and values talented people from all backgrounds. We believe in diversity in intellectual approach and outlook. We embrace diversity not as a keyword for token inclusion of the underrepresented, but as a commitment to fostering a welcoming environment in which all individuals can achieve their fullest potential and in which open and respectful communication is facilitated.