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Creating Our Next Chapter

Writing the next chapter in our pursuit of excellence requires committed and engaged faculty, creative leadership, and innovative choices. Our commitment to the future incorporates faculty involvement in:

• Educating and inspiring students;

• Engaging in creative and productive work across all intellectual and artistic areas;

• Promoting understandings and competencies across all cultural groups;

• Producing new ideas and innovative works that make an impact on society;

• Promoting health and preventing diseases;

• Understanding the intricate influence of neural, environmental, and genetic bases of communication and learning;

• Developing renewable energy and manufacturing innovation;

• Promoting environmental sustainability;

• Reversing poverty and disparities for our citizens;

• Addressing abuses and improving human rights;

• Producing global citizens with multicultural awareness and respect.

An intellectual community that serves society and advances knowledge across a broad spectrum of disciplines is the symbol of a great public research university. To create a dynamic and intellectual environment requires:

• Outstanding faculty;

• Imaginative, exemplary undergraduate education across all campuses;

• Visionary graduate education that attracts, supports, and trains the best academic talent from around the world;

• Nationally and internationally recognized research that cuts across traditional disciplinary lines to address and solve important societal issues;

• A creative and highly relevant research environment that attracts increased public and private funding;

• Comprehensive research opportunities that include areas in which external funding opportunities may be limited, but in which research is vital to enriching our lives, such as in the arts
and humanities;

• A world-class academic research library that inspires the creation of new knowledge and provides opportunities for meaningful collaborations;

• Globally responsive research and teaching missions;

• Exciting new learning opportunities for our students;

• A commitment to engagement and a mission that focuses efforts on the betterment of humanity;

• Visionary leadership at all levels.

Our accomplishments in research and scholarship traditionally have been the result of individual or small-group disciplinary initiatives. This fundamental model of faculty accomplishment will continue, as the creativity and innovation of our faculty will lead them to develop new ideas in their specific areas of interest and passion. We will continue to support disciplinary research and new faculty positions will continue to be funded by deans and the provost.

In this academic vision, we propose an additional proactive strategy for promoting important interdisciplinary endeavors that will lead to major breakthroughs in research, scholarly inquiry, and student learning. The future of these interdisciplinary activities and programs will contribute to the University’s mission in research, education, and engagement, if we identify priorities and goals based on our strengths that match critical areas of need, and if we provide the necessary resources to achieve them.

We will pursue five fundamental goals to achieve excellence in:

1. Research and Scholarship

2. Undergraduate Education

3. Graduate Education

4. Teaching Effectiveness

5. Public Engagement